What to expect from your Shiatsu massage session

Phoenix Shiatsu in Claremorris and Ballaghaderreen, creates a safe and comfortable environment for you to relax, revive and rejuvenate in.

Whether you have a specific injury or ailment or you just want to indulge yourself in the ultimate pampering experience of a Shiatsu or an Indian Head Massage in County Mayo and Roscommon, you’re in good hands with us.

Unlike some other massages, we do not use any oils during a Shiatsu treatment and you remain fully clothed. Loose, comfortable clothing works best.

A brief but concise consultation is taken at the beginning
of the first session. The treatment itself takes place on a futon mat on the floor or seated in a chair. The initial session lasts for an hour and a quarter with subsequent sessions lasting an hour.

After your treatment you may feel tired but rested, it is advised that you rest and drink plenty of water to help aid with your detox. On other occasions you may feel completely revitalised and full of energy - this will depend on the treatment given.

Either way a good quality night’s sleep is waiting for you.

About Shiatsu Massage in County Mayo

Shiatsu which literally translates as “finger pressure”, takes a holistic view of our bodies in accordance with the principles of oriental medicine.

Often described as acupuncture without needles, this Japanese form of healing massage refines and encourages the flow of energy in the body, which helps to improve the quality of life.

Practitioners work on an intuitive level improving energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility and posture adjusting not just the physical, but also the natural internal energies of the body to prevent illness and maintain good health.

This wonderfully relaxing massage is beneficial for everyone and is excellent for relieving modern day conditions like:-

  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Stress and stress-related conditions
  • Joint pain including Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Shoulder, back and muscle pain
  • Digestive problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Fatigue

About Indian Head Massage in County Mayo

An Indian Head Massage focuses on pressure points (Tsubos) around the neck, shoulders and upper back, to alleviate stress and tension throughout the entire body.

It also incorporates a massage of the facial Tsubos promoting a sense of relaxation and well being.

An Indian Head Massage relieves:-

  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Stress and stress-related problems
  • Shoulder and upper back tension

About Phoenix Shiatsu Castlebar and Steven Mullen

Steven Mullen has studied Shiatsu Massage in County Mayo for the past thirteen years and is recognised by the Irish School of Shiatsu and the Shiatsu Society of Ireland.

His love of Shiatsu Massage was sparked whilst studying Martial Arts where he would often give and receive a treatment to help encourage and enhance Qi (energy) flow and relieve aches and tension after a long training session.

The many years of dedication and devotion of practising martial arts, studying Shiatsu and his diverse teaching style, is reflected in the popularity of his childrens classes, both with children and parents alike, and his ever growing Shiatsu practice in Claremorris, County Mayo and Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon.

Steven has also established his own purpose-built Martial Arts Dojo (place of training) at Mount Street, Claremorris, County Mayo.

Our Experience in Shiatsu Massage

In the early years of his Shiatsu Massage career, Steven Mullen was employed at Delphi Mountain Resort and Spa in County Galway.

As an individual he recognises the need for continual learning and development in each of his given fields, and because of this he is able to maintain and deliver the highest standards of quality.

Since leaving Delphi he has established three successful practices:-

One in the Complementary Health Centre in Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon, for a period of over two years.

Phoenix Total Well Being at Mount Street, Claremorris, County Mayo, and now his latest practice, Phoenix Shiatsu, Claremorris, County Mayo and Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon.

For more information about Phoenix Total Well Being please feel free to visit the website www.phoenixclaremorris.com.

Contact Phoenix Shiatsu

To book or cancel appointments, please contact Steven Mullen on:-
086 8365411  Email: info@phoenixshiatsu.com  Web: www.phoenixshiatsu.com

Phoenix Total Well Being, Mount Street,
Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland

Phoenix Active, Main Street, Ballaghaderreen,
County Roscommon, Ireland.

All sessions are subject to availability. Gift vouchers are available on request.